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Cotton Cloob strives to offer our customers the most innovative and environmentally friendly wet & dry processes that the world has to offer. Our focus is not only to better our services as a company but to improve the industrial laundry business as a whole & preserve the craft for years to come. Our dedication & commitment has given us the ability to work with the most successful & innovative apparel companies in the world.


With over 20 years of experience in the garment industry we are able to serve our customers with competitive pricing and cutting edge development. We offer our customers 15,000 square feet of the most technologically advanced and environment friendly equipment that the commercial laundry industry has to offer. We understand that the garment business is an ever changing industry, so we work with our customers to meet short deadlines with an output of over 25,000 units per month without compromising our high-quality standards.

Our research and development team is dedicated to develop new and innovative wash techniques as well as organic wash and dye processes. Unlike other garment laundries, Cotton Cloob is not limited to just wet/dry processes. Our experienced team is skilled in all areas of the garment industry. From design sketch, pattern, sample, and production.  We aim to work closely with our clients to both inspire and educate for future design development.

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