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Cotton Cloob was founded in 2009.  In it's eighth year of operation, the company has continued to perfect the vision for American craftsmanship. Cotton Cloob has gained a reputation for setting the standard in quality garment washing, dyeing, and laundry consulting.  With the ability to execute any denim process, their specialty remains to be vintage denim processing.  Going a step further to create the most intricate washes that the denim industry has seen makes this the premier destination for development and design.  Cotton Cloob has developed and produced denim washes for brands such as Armani, Hudson, HAALA, 3x1, AG, and many more. 


Cotton Cloob specializes in customer service.  Their support of smaller, domestic brands has helped grow the specialty business and supports the 'Made in America' revolution.  Cotton Cloob welcomes all American made brands whether they are a small start-up or already well established.  It is a high priority for the company to support and build American brands because it will create more jobs in the long run.


Within a business that can have so many variables, Cotton Cloob has continued it's success based on experience, motivation, and the vision to create a product that they can be proud of.

AJ Munoz has come a long way to live the Amreican Dream.  Growing up as a young boy in Mexico, he began working on a farm when he was just 7 years old.  His hard work and leadership skills allowed for AJ to secure a management position at just 15 years old, a responsibility in which he had 500 employees working under him.  


At 17, AJ reached the United States and began working at one of the first wash houses established in Los Angeles.  He worked 7 days a week, 12 hours per day, and with no breaks.  In 1990, AJ continued to gain experience in the business and became a supervisor and general manager for samples and development for a top laundry facility in LA.  After 19 years of perfecting his craft, Cotton Cloob was born.  His vision of creating an American business built around quality and crafstmanship grew into a local business that denim designers flocked to.  Word of mouth spread quickly that this was the man to go to if you wanted the best washing in town.


After building Cotton Cloob for 3 years, AJ launched his own denim brand, Luigi Jeans USA.  His line is made in Los Angeles and focuses on detailed vintage finishing.  With the main focus being premium denim jeans, Luigi USA also designs shirts, shorts, and other casual wear items.


Quite simply put, AJ mentioned "If I can do it, anyone can do it.  Please keep America working".  Such humble words for someone so determined to do great things.  It truly reflects the passion that Cotton Cloob offers when working with their customers and the products they craft.

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