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How you can improve your garment dyeing results with one extra step!

You go through the hard work of finding the perfect color or color palette for your next collection but somehow the color results always come short or just take too many tries to get right!

Of course, what you see on a screen or paper booklet when say choosing a Pantone will vary in person on a garment but you still expect the end result to be close. So how can we close that gap?

The key is creating a lab dip! Lab dips are essentially formulas for a color you’d like to dye your garment.

Long gone are the days of guess work or trials and tribulations of dye to match. With a lab dip we keep records of your colors and can redo them over and over with little to no differences.

Not only does this save you time but can also save you money. There’s been instances we’ve seen first hand clients tell us their fabric is 100% cotton and upon dying this wasn’t the case. They were actually sold a fabric with a blend or another content. A lab dip catches all this before hand! Saving you time, money, and headaches on your next garment dye production!

Be sure to consider a lab dip next time, it could make the difference! You can find this service and many more to accommodate any of your wash and garment dye needs, here at Cotton Cloob!

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